Close By Attractions

There are many close by attractions to the hotel. We have made a list below so you can see what is close and so you can plan your stay and holiday around them. As always the staff will be willing to assist you with any questions or queries you may have about attractions, how to get to them and any other questions you may have. Staff at the hotel are very trained and knowledgeable on the surrounding attractions so. All staff can also speak multiple languages to fully assist you. So without further delay here is our list of the top things to do when you are staying at the Rainbow Hotel Dubai

  1. The World Trade Center– A historical business landmark. A great place to visit for a few photos or to take in the history and development of the great city

  2. Restaurants- There are plenty of restaurants around the hotel so you can enjoy some great local dishes and culinary. you won’t be disappointed at what’s on offer here in and around the hotel’s close proximity.

  3. Burjuman Centre- Shopping at its best the mall is located at Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Dubai. A cool air conditioned mall with plenty of designer shops, restaurants, cash points and places to book tours and holidays they will have everything you need and best of all an escape from the heat.

  4. Dubai Museum  is a world quality Museum located in Al Fahidi Fort. The Museum is actually the major museum in the city so if you want to visit museums this is the best place to start hands down. You should visit this museum just for the fact it is one of the oldest buildings in the city being built in 1787. There is so much to see here you will have a great time with the family and kids. Here you can see how life was in the region before the discovery of oil which is amazing to see.

  5. Dubai Creek- or as its often called (Khor Dubai) is actually a saltwater creek which has some great history to the people and city. This was actually a minor port with boats sometimes coming in from as far away as India. There are some amazing buildings on the waterfront of the creek that are worth a look also. The creek has been dredged and upgraded to make it a staple in the economy and trade for Dubai

  6. Bastakiya- This beautiful engaging district is one of the best in Dubai. Although its a small area there is plenty to see and plenty to do. With many great things such as art galleries, restaurants, boutique hotels, merchant houses its a great place to take in some forgotten culture. Taking one of the walking tours is the best way to go as they will show you all the best places and give you some great information

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